June 1st, 2016 Doing a Wine Taste-Off

Hello my fellow Wine Jewels!

Such a summer we've been having! It's been so nice outside I got inspired to try my hand at making wine slushies... but more on that later ;)

For now, as promissed, I am here to deliver the results of the 2nd taste-off between a Niagara made wine and a Jewel made wine. This one was between two Gewurztraminers, and was a lot less conclusive than the Pinot Gris taste-off we did last month. The problem was I did not know that the Niagara wine was a little on the sweeter side. The Jewel made Gewurztraminer I chose was the one by Mosti Mondiale, which is a little on the dryer side. Lesson learned: know the wine you include in the taste-off so you can compare like with like. If I had a do-over I would choose the Showcase Gewurz made at Jewel for the taste-off as it is also a little on the sweeter side. Nevertheless we all enjoyed both wines. However, some favoured the sweeter one and some the drier one which is to be expected in any group of people, and doesn't really say much about the more subtle taste differences in the wines.

At home I enjoy doing taste-offs more than a more full-out wine tasting. It's fun, there's lots of discussion, it's not stuffy, you don't really have to know what you're doing, and it doesn't hijack the whole evening. Here's how to do it:

Choose two different wines of the same colour that are similar: it could be that they are both Shiraz, or Pinot Grigio, or they are both full bodied, or medium bodied, etc. Be careful you're not tasting a dry wine against a sweeter one, unless you're simply trying to discover sweet vs dry preferences. If you're unsure which wines to choose, just give me a call or shoot me an email.

Have snacks and nibbles on hand -this helps set off the wine and makes it more fun.

Have 2 glasses per person: one plain glass, and one marked with somthing -such as a ring, a bit of tape, or whatever.

In a place where your guests can't see, pour one of the wines in the marked glasses and the other wine in the unmarked glasses. (keep serving sizes small, or it's just overkill). Only you will know which is which. Give each person one glass of each wine.

Encourage your guests to smell, taste, eat... Compare the two wines, talk about them -what are the tastes and smells? Would one be preferred over the other in different circumstances? In the end a show of hands will declare the favourite -or not. Have fun with it and enjoy!

So, did I get you curious about the wine slushies?? I was going to include the recipe right here, but I've decided a video would be more fun. I will be making it shortly and putting it up here and on Facebook.... I'll keep you posted.

Cheers, until next time :)

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