May 2016, On Deciding to Write This Blog...

Hi there!

So, in order to serve my customers better and in order to improve my business skills, I have been going to seminars, educational evenings, information sessions, and networking opportunities. When I come away from these events I find myself wondering if what I have learned is right for Jewel and for our customers -and if so, how do I roll it out?

Recently some family came to spend the weekend. This couple are both very accomplished in the busines marketing world, and between them have a great deal of knowledge on the subject. We had some good conversations about small business and I came away with more excellent information than I can properly process. However one word was stressed... and it was the same word I heard over and over again at all those trainings: BLOG.

Now my understanding about blogs and their purpose is indeed limited... in fact I bumble around at best with any social media platform. But I thought to myself: "if that word keeps popping up, then why don't I just give it a try?" So for better or for worse, here it is -my first ever blog! Oh yes, and for the record, I'm all ears for any feedback you care to send me, and topics you'd like me to write about.



"The best wines are the ones we drink with friends."